North Wales – land of treasure | 北威爾斯 – 充滿寶藏的福地

Indigo horizons, snow-white clouds, verdant valleys, endless meadows, colourful wildflowers, deep blue lakes, aquamarine sea, and rich golden underground mines.

Seafronts lined with Victorian houses, quaint trams amble up mountains, and majestic castles stand proud… this is North Wales; a land of treasure, a land where I feel I will never have enough time to explore it all.

Our second trip to North Wales in 2 months time. The first time we drove our Anbe to travel


海濱前排列著維多利亞時代的的房子,上山的古雅電車,雄偉壯觀的城堡… 這就是北威爾斯,一塊寶藏之地,一片令我覺得,我永遠沒有足夠時間去探索的土地。

這是我們在兩個月之內,第二次遊訪北威爾斯。第一次我們駕著”雁肩” Anbe 旅行…

Anglesey and Caernarfon
Anglesey and Caernarfon; the land of Lighthouses and Castles 安格爾西和卡那封;燈塔和城堡的土地。
Snowdonia and Llanberis
Snowdonia and Llanberis; hail on the eastern mountain, sunny on the western hill. 斯諾多尼亞和蘭貝里斯;東山飄雨西山睛。
Conwy and Llandudno
Conwy and Llandudno; meadows, mountains, blue skies, white clouds, and aquamarine sea 康威和蘭迪德諾;青山,藍天碧海。
Portmeirion in Gwynedd is famous for its colorful Italian feel architecture, people named it Italian village. 位於Gwynedd的Portmeirion以其色彩繽紛的意大利風格建築而聞名,人們將這私人府邸命名為意大利村莊。

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